Tales From the Yawning Portal

THe Twilight Grove

What lurks beneath

The party started back in the inn, well rested after their harrowing encounters the evening before. There they met the Doctor’s actual replacement, Prof. Firble Gemscriber, a deep gnome wizard. He introduced himself and showed everyone his trick with his rope of climbing.

Going back into the Sunless Citadel was easy, the kobolds escorted the party to the well leading into the depths of the Twilight Grove. Descending the ropy vines into the dungeon was very easy, this seemed like the goblins means of egress.

At the bottom, they found themselves in a garden of all manner of fungus and stumbled upon a few of the gardeners. Skeletons pushing wheelbarrows and wielding shovels attacked as did some twig blights. The party made short work of them but were surprised when a bugbear hunter and his giant rat pets attacked them while they caught they breath from the previous fight. His initial attack was devastating but after they caught their breath the party was able to defeat the creature and his pets without any issue.

Exploring further they investigated a rift, this rift was so rifty, they only explanation for it was rift. It also had many 2 foot diameter holes throughout. The halflings skirted those with caution, as it was unknowable how deep these holes went.

Further down the rift, did I mention how much of a rift it was, I didn’t did I? It was riftastic. Further down the crevasse, they found three openings, and investigated them. The first was a rough room filled with more of these 2 foot diameter holes, but one had something glowing inside. Saoirse investigated and found a fire snake, which attacked. They quickly learned that hitting the snake with melee weapons was painful and tried to back off and attack it from range. Firble and Shadow learned that their cold spells were especially harmful to it and though it damaged Bree quite badly with its fire, they were able to slay the salamander-kin. They found some gems in its nest.

Exploring further they found an ancient dragon cult shrine behind a stuck door, marking this on their map as a good place to rest. No one had traveled into this room in a very long time and the shrine was rusting away to nothing. Firble was interested in the rusted statue on the shrine but it started to fall apart at the lightest of touches.

They next found Belak’s lab and many goblins protected it. Bree tried to sneak across the lab to where she noticed some sleeping goblins, but she bumped a table and knocked a mortar onto the floor, which smashed alerting all the goblins to their presence. A fight ensued. Shadow put a large group of the goblins to sleep, Mazzikeen slaughtered goblins left and right, reveling in their deaths. The goblins did some damage to the party but were defeated handily. A search of the room found an herbalism kit, a healer’s kit and a alchemist’s tools.

Heading deeper into the dungeon the party stumbled into two more bugbears, armed with scythes. Another bloody battle ensued and after the party decided to take a quick break to lick their wounds. Healed up they continued onwards and investigated all of the rooms off the bugbears main room. They found more goblins, more skeletons, more twig blights, more fire snake holes (but no fire snake – luckily) and a strange dragon shrine.

The marble dragon statue had glowing red eyes and a round tile in front of it with inscriptions in draconic around the outside. As Firble went to investigate, Mazzikeen look at some odd darkness behind the statue – only to be attacked by two shadows. The shadows drained some strength from the burly half-orc, and resisted most damage done to them – however Mazzikeen used his patron’s power to blast the last shadow with Eldritch force and learned that the shadows did not resist that ability. Free to investigate Firble found that the tile, when stood on and the inscription read aloud, gave the reader a charismatic aura.

To cure Mazzikeen of his lethargy, the party rested back in the rusted shrine for the night. They headed into the final area and found the Twilight Grove. Belak had set an ambush for them, goblins and twig blights surprised the party after they searched through Belak’s library. Firble found an interesting book and pocketed it for later study.

The then found Belak, Sharwyn, Sir Braford and the Gulthias Tree. A goblin captive gave them some information about what they faced, somehow Belak had made Sharwyn and Sir Braford thralls of the tree and they would have to face them as well as Belak and his twig blight minions.

The fight was simpler than imagined, they focused their damage on Belak, put many of the twig blights and a damaged Sharwyn to sleep. They were able to apply an elixir of health to Sharwyn and Sir Braford, returning them from the edge of death that the tree had put them in, but who knows if they would ever be the same. They lived, they ate, they breathed but they did not interact with anyone. Sharwyn’s mother was grateful for the return of one of her children and blessed the party with gold and her gratitude.

Garon overheard Saoirse Tealeaf tell her tale of the party’s exploits in the Sunless CItadel and recalled some information about Khundrukar. The Forge of Fury is near Mirabar far to the North, it may be worth looking for it there. Great weapons were said to be forged there.

XP: 681 (please correct if wrong – this is from memory) DT: 10 Renown: 1

Notable Treasure:
Five potions of healing
scroll of scorching ray
scroll of Melf’s acid arrow
Treasures of the Fire Lords (TYP p 29)
scroll of entangle
scroll of protection from poison (used)
Wand of Entangle

Map of the Twilight Grove:



Upon hearing the fascinating tales of his traveling companion professor Firble, Shadow has become obsessed with the Plane of Shadow. He decided to go through with the ‘rebuild’ ritual with the Shade Fanatics to learn ancient netherese, the secret handshake, and where to find more trinkets made of shadowstuff.

THe Twilight Grove

Mazzikeen wants to make it clear that he is not “reveling” in the deaths of goblins. These deaths just make him resilient, and happy that his patron gets there little goblin souls. Huummm, ok maybe there is a little reveling, but that does not make him a bad person.

THe Twilight Grove

Bree -
I did wonder how POW and Ausatali knew each other, since they seemed to be interested in very different things. Turns out they didn’t actually know each other! Prof. Firble is interesting, but I’m glad we met POW first (POW is way cooler!).
I am glad we were able to bring Sharwyn and Sir Braford back to the surface, but we failed to actually rescue them. They are alive, which is great. But they’re not actually living – it’s more like they are passive watchers of the life going on around them. It’s sad, really, but I don’t know how to fix that. Maybe if we’d kept Belak alive, he might have been able to help us undo whatever he did. I just don’t believe he would have actually helped.

THe Twilight Grove
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