Tales From the Yawning Portal

The Beanstalk

A bag of beans, what useless garbage is this? Someone must have thought this as they randomly pulled beans from the bag and started planting them in the ground. First, pink frogs appeared and started hopping around – two of party decided to try to catch them. (Luckily the goblins weren’t around – you might have had an interesting dilemma).

Mazzikeen grabbed onto one and it turned into a Balor. Saorsie grabbed another and it turned into a Purple worm. Somehow you killed them both and found a way to eliminate the other frogs without them changing. Good job. The chaos of those frogs hopping around might have been fun though.

One of the beans turned into a giant beanstalk going up into the clouds. Naturally you climbed it. Interestingly, there were stairs wending their way up the beanstalk – about 10 feet wide. So you climbed. And climbed. And climbed. About halfway up, you noticed a large oak door in the beanstalk, with a large lion’s head knocker in brass. So you knocked.

There you met Boris, the half-ogre caretaker of the beanstalk. He invited you in and you chatted. You learned a lot, mainly that the story of Jack the Giantkiller were twisted and nothing like the stories that Saorsie had repeated to you. Yes, Jack exists. Yes, the talking harp exists. Yes, the golden goose exist..ed? Purportedly, Jack ate it. Oh and Jack is a shit.

The previous ruler of the Cloud Kingdom was a good storm giant king named… Wenceslas. When Jack came up the beanstalk, not by himself mind but with an army, he laid siege to the castle and when he was discussing terms with Wenceslas he slew him and most of the other giants. Some escaped and may be in hiding in the forests to the west of the castle. This was many years ago.

Jack has only grown in power. He rules the Cloud Kingdom and whenever it makes contact with the prime material plane he raids for supplies, money, magic, and recruits. Recruits is a loose term, some of them are slaves, some of them are evil doers convinced to join his cause, and most are monsters he has captured to be used in his assaults and defense, if necessary.

So you have decided to unseat this despot, tyrant, overlord of the Cloud Kingdom. Up the beanstalk you went, being warned that a patrol was probably on its way down. Still up you went, not worried that a mere patrol could stop you.

You may have been a little too cocksure.

You almost died. Everyone. But you didn’t and your vengeance on the remnants of the patrol was swift, furious and a close shave.

So now you’ve defeated a patrol. What else lies in wait for you in the Cloud Kingdom? How can you foment rebellion? What treasures were on the patrol? What treasures more exist above?


Just remember that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!” It will be LIVE!

The Beanstalk

Bree officially did her “stupid” thing this week, it’s someone else’s turn next.

The Beanstalk

I did the frogs last time, so “Not It!”

The Beanstalk
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