Shadow in the Jungle

Tabaxi wildmage sorcerer


Shadow is from the land of Maztica, like most of his fellow Tabaxi, although he’s not quite sure how far away that is, or even what direction. He has always had a wanderlust that drove him to travel. One day he was chasing after something that glowed and found himself in a spellplagued area. It made him feel tingly, and ever since he’s been followed by surges of wild magic. He made it to the sword coast many years ago (he doesn’t quite remember how), and has been wandering mostly from city to city to hide from the wild magic that follows him. He lives off of scraps that he can steal, and sleeps in the streets, although this lifestyle doesn’t really bother him. He spends most of his time following various trivial obsessions, of which he has a new one almost every day. Recently he heard of a “Yawning Portal”. He would very much like to see it, wondering how big its mouth can open, and what is it that portals do that makes them tired?


Shadow in the Jungle

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