Tales From the Yawning Portal

Interlude: The House on the Hill

Perhaps there is some Sinister Secret in Saltmarsh?

The wizard you worked with, and still that name just won’t come to mind, sent you to the small fishing village of Saltmarsh to meet up with a ship captain who can get you to Maztica.

You met the Captain – Jon Redbeard, who’s beard is white and who’s hair is dark – and he said that you’d be setting sail in 3 days. In the meantime, you all noticed a creepy house on the hill and of course you went to investigate.

Akrasia nearly died to a bunch of snakes who came out of the well outside the house – that may have been the first sign that this place had some issues. After resting up and discussing the benefits of cooking snake (and Shadow taking a few dead baby snakes for some reason) you were attacked by some goblins. You handled them pretty easily and captured two goblin brothers, Derf and Fred, who agreed to work for you for 1sp per day.

Their employment didn’t last long. Going into the house you fought a few swarms of bugs and then found some stairs into the basement. Traipsing down them set off a magical trap that sent images of your greatest fears into your mind. Bree and the goblins didn’t take well to this, running away from the house. Bree came back – the goblins didn’t.

You searched through the rest of the first floor and found a spider that had crammed itself in a chimney guarding a shiny ring. Then you noticed the tracks. Following them you found a secret entrance to the basement and blithely stumbled down into a room full of bandits!

Trying not to be cornered you retreated back up the stairs to find yourselves cornered as the bandits came around from the stairs that scared Bree earlier. Battle ensued, bandits died, but two got away – you think.

Searching through their stuff you found some brandy and some various other stuff. Additionally, you found a body full of swarms of scarabs. So many bugs in this place. The body was conveniently wearing magic plate mail however.

Oh, then there was the door marked Danger – who doesn’t open a door marked danger? Not this band of intrepid adventurers! Inside there were shriveled walking corpses full of hate, and apparently a healthy fear of Oghma. Akrasia showed the god’s symbol to them and they tried to run away. This made the wights a pretty easy group of undead to finish off, all told.

So you went back to your ship with the intention of trying to figure out where those last two bandits went. Your ship leaves in two days.


The verbal contract was 1sp per WEEK, not that it matters now that they ran away.

Interlude: The House on the Hill

With names like Fred and Derf – they’ll be back!

Interlude: The House on the Hill

Well, Fred will be back, since his name is spelled backward. I’m not so sure about Derf, though.

Interlude: The House on the Hill
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