Oakhurst is a small village in the foothills northwest of Thundertree. It is a place to rest and replenish supplies.

Major buildings within Oakhurst:

  • The Village Hall – The center of government in Oakhurst includes the office of Mayor Vurnor Leng, a male human noble.
  • The General Store – The village’s main source for supplies and merchandise is the general store, owned and operated by Kerowyn Hercule, a female human noble.
  • Shrine – Advice, information, and healing are among the services dispensed at the village’s shrine. It is maintained by Dem “Corkie” Nackle, a female gnome priest of Lathander.
  • Jail – Next to the village hall is a stout building where miscreants serve their sentences. Oakhurst’s constable is Felosial, a female half-elf veteran. She commands a force of sixteen guards and four scouts who keep the village safe.
  • Blacksmith – Repairing and forging arms and armor is the job of the village smithy, Rurik Lutgehr, a male dwarf commoner.
  • The Ol’ Boar Inn Garon, a male human commoner, is the owner and barkeep of the Ol’ Boar Inn. He serves food and drink, and the place has a few rooms that visitors can rent.

Map of Oakhurst:


Map of Surrounds:



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