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Tales from the Yawning Portal is made up of a seven different adventures.

  • The Sunless Citadel (Tier 1 – Level 1 average)
  • The Forge of Fury (Tier 1 – Level 3 average)
  • The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (Tier 2 – Level 5 average)
  • White Plume Mountain (Tier 2 – Level 7 average)
  • Dead in Thay (Tier 2 – Level 9 average)
  • Against the Giants (Tier 3 – Level 11 average)
  • Tomb of Horrors (Tier 3 – Level 14 average)

    The concept is that you are learning of the famous dungeons of the realms from Durnan, the propietor of the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. He provides you with clues as to why to go there as well as potential contacts and hooks for when you arrive. More information will be placed in this wiki as that information is learned.

    Enjoy hearing Durnan spin the Tales from the Yawning Portal!
  • Other Important NPCS from the current adventure:

Main Page

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