Tales From the Yawning Portal

Tales from the Yawning Portal
Adventure Log Posts Guidelines

For TYP, I will endeavor to do an adventure log post detailing what happened in the previous adventure. You are welcome and encouraged to give your view points. I will also put some out of character items in them such as XP, gold, downtime, and renown earned at the end of the log post. My goal is to do this by Wednesday of the week following the session.

Into The Sunless Citadel
Rats, why did it have to be rats!

After hearing Durnan‘s tale of the Sunless Citadel and the rumors of a missing adventurers in the fortress, you took Durnan’s assistance to get you to Oakhurst to learn more about The Sunless Citadel.

Oakhurst is a small town in the foothills near Thundertree, and only six buildings seemed of interest to the party as you arrived and only two were visited. Ausalati was sure to visit the Village Hall first to check on the permit requirements for practicing law in the environs Oakhurst, finding none Ausalati was pleased. The town clerk pointed out that the owner of the General Store, Kerowyn Hercule was in need of help – the party was happy to look into this.

Kerowyn was distraught, her children went missing when they foolishly went into the citadel. She offered a large sum of money to the party, potions of healing per party member ahead of time and 75 gp per character for the return of her children’s signet rings, double that if the party returned her children in good mind and body. Her children traveled in the company of two others, a paladin – Sir Braford – and a ranger – Karakas. It is known that Sir Braford carried a magic longsword that he referred to as Shatterspike.

Despite the protests of Akrasia the party ignored the wonderful smells of roasting pork coming from the Ol Boar Inn and instead set off immediately for the citadel. They climbed down a convenient rope into the chasm the citadel rests in and were immediately attacked by rats. Bree nearly died in the encounter but otherwise the party made quick work of the vermin.

A narrow rough-hewn stairway wended its way down to the sunken castle to a courtyard covered with debris with a wooden door leading into the fortress. Ausalati went walk across the rocks and a few crumbled underfoot, dumping the ‘human’ into a narrow cavity below. More rats attacked! And more rats died.

Bree was able to find a narrow ledge around the outside of the courtyard that led to the door and first steps were taken into the citadel. The party fought their way through rats and skeletons and found a mysterious door carved like a dragon which seemed to only open with a special key. Venturing further into the place they eventually found a weeping kobold who called himself Meepo.

Meepo explained that his clan’s dragon, Calcryx, had been stolen by goblins! He could not provide any more information but was sure that his leader, Yusdrayl would be able to give more information.

Meepo led the party to the leader of the kobolds, an older female kobold named Yusdrayl. She informed the party that yes their dragon had been stolen and that she didn’t know why, but she could show the party the best way to go. Meepo would guide them. She also had mentioned that the adventurers that they party were in search of had been here one month ago.

Ausalati was able to convince Yusdrayl to give over the key to enter the dragon door that they had previously been unable to open. After taking a rest the party headed for that door. Behind the door they found a sealed off crypt with a simple riddle and a quasit that tried to kill them in a room containing a sarcophagus. Ausalati open the sarcophagus releasing an emaciated troll into the room.

The troll tried to kill the wizard, but was unsuccessful before succumbing to the spells and weapons that destroyed it. Buried with some treasure the party took it for themselves.

Meepo escorted the group to the backway into goblin territory but wandered off for a bit while the party fiddled with a bunch more rats. In a room with many rats and one very large rat they found the corpse of Karakas – one of the adventurers was found – dead!

The party bedded down for the night in the Inn to come back to the Citadel after some needed rest.

XP 313 DT 10 Renown 1

Notable Treasure:
3 arrows +1
4 scrolls
1 potion of healing

Current Map of Progress through the Sunless Citadel:


You can find this map in the Maps section of this page.

A Note Left with the Innkeeper
From the Desk of Dr. Ausatali Shalkasali, esq.

To my co-adventuring compatriots,

Please forgive the hastily ssscribbled note, but I’ve received word of an urgent legal matter that requires my immediate attention in Waterdeep and I must leave post-haste. I sssuppose it is good that we never got around to signing those formal adventuring party documents I kept ssssuggesting, it would have been quite bothersome for me to have to wake you all in the middle of the night for an adventuring company board meeting authorizing my leave-of-absence of undetermined (and likely permanent) length.

In any case, sssince I will no longer be around to watch your backs, I’ve sent word to a close colleague of mine from the university, Professor of Archaeology and Ancient Netherese History Firble Gemscriber. I may have said sssomething about the Sunless Citadel being a potential Netherese dig site to convince him to make the journey from Neverwinter as quickly as possible. You might not want to disabuse him of that notion until after he’s signed the suggested adventuring contract I’ve drawn up for your group pro-bono.

Prof. Gemscriber doesn’t have my legal expertise, but he has a sharp mind and and a true passion for the history of Ancient Netheril. He also has quite a talent for abjuration magic, which might come in handy if you end up going somewhere dangerous. Just don’t let Old Gems talk you into becoming a part of the cult he joined a few years ago, the Shade Fantastics or whatever they’re called.

Also, I overheard some rumors in the tavern of an extremely bothersome attorney of questionable morals having arrived Oakhurst not a day or two past. He is just under 6 feet tall, has strange snake-like eyes and tends to ssstring S’s together when he sssspeaks. I’m rather surprised we didn’t encounter him when we stopped by the town hall. In any case you should be wary in case you come across someone that fits that description. Unfortunately, not all members of my profession are as kind-hearted and guileless as myself.

incomprehensible scribble

Goblins, Goblins Everywhere
And not a drop to drink.. what?

The party went back to Oakhurst and rested in the Ol’ Boar Inn for the evening. In the morning they found that Ausatali was gone and a note was left with Garon, the Innkeeper. The note spoke of a replacement and there was only one other stranger in the bar, an odd bird-person, kenku named POW. Pow joined the party and after asking Garon some questions they went back into the Sunless Citadel.

Garon did provide some information that is worth noting. The name Belak rang a bell with him. He remembered something like 15 years ago the last person before Talgen and Sharwyn went into the Citadel there was a human with a very large pet frog who was seen going in, but never coming out of the crevasse. Interestingly, soon after that the goblins started providing the apples to Oakhurst about which the summer festival was created. He also told of a winter apple that occasionally was found. Opposite to the summer apple this apple was deadly, even to the touch.

Coincidentally to the apples appearing so did blights start appearing in the hills around the Citadel, mostly at night. The evil stick men attacked and killed anything wandering the hills near the chasm after dark, the villagers quickly learned to stay away.

Picking up where they left off the party found Meepo waiting for them and he led them back into the goblin lair. The goblins were found quickly and they fought the party with a retreating action, obviously trying to get help. Bree led the way, taking many arrows for the party but set the goblins running as she advanced. The party pursued goblins through many rooms, eventually coming to a room filled with goblins. Most were invalids, but a pitched battle ensued against the remainder of the battle hardened goblins. The party were victorious, ensuring no goblins escaped – even the young and the infirm. Meepo led the party back to the kobold lair so they could rest up after their ideal and search for Calcryx the next day.

Calcryx was the first creature they found the next day and he wasn’t enthused about seeing Meepo, in fact he killed him immediately. The party, enraged at the death of their little buddy, slew the wyrmling without any reprisal from it. They made sure to disguise the dragon to look like goblins killed it and continued on exploring the goblin lair, trying to find the missing townsfolk.

They also found some prisoners, a few kobolds and a gnome acolyte named Erky Timbers who offered to join the party and provide some healing services for them. He provided more insight as to what was going on in the Sunless Citadel. Particularly he spoke of something called the Gulthias Tree.

In their explorations they were waylaid by the last of the goblin tribe, their chieftain a Hobgoblin who introduced himself as Durrn before he attacked. Four hobgoblins, a goblin shaman, and a twig blight set to kill characters. It was a tough fight, but clever use of spells simplified it. Shadow slept the goblin and the blight, Saoirse cursed the hobgoblins with a bane spell, and Akrasia blessed the front line fighters. Mazzikeen was hit many times by the hobgoblins and even with his orcish blood, he was knocked unconscious. The party won the day, but it was a hard fought victory. They found on the chieftain Talgen’s signet ring and bloodied armor, and later questioned some fleeing goblins to find out that Durrn slew Talgen in anger before sending Sharwyn and Sir Braford down to the Twilight Grove at Belak’s orders.

They reported the death of Meepo and Calcryx to Yusdrayl the kobold chieftess and though she was sad at the dragon’s death, she believed the party’s story that Mazzikeen and Saorsie embellished for her. She gifted the party with some treasures. The top level was cleared of the goblin threat and the party cleared one last room, the one that was locked by some clerical magic. Inside was an altar and five sarcophagi. On the altar was a whistle, a flask and an everburning candle. Mazzikeen investigated and found nothing worrisome, until Akrasia picked up the whistle with the name Night Caller incribed upon it in Dwarven. Skeletons attacked and then were put to rest pretty easily.

The party rested for the day, intended to set out into the depths of the Twilight Grove the next day.

XP 405 10 DT 1 Renown

Notable Treasures:

Quaal’s Feather Token (Tree)
Elixir of Health (3 doses)
scroll of mage armor
scroll of spider climb
scroll of knock
potion of fire resistance
Night Caller
potion of healing
two vials of antitoxin
scroll of faerie fire
scroll of expeditious retreat
Talgen’s gold signet ring
Talgen’s splint armor (has the Hecrule family crest on it)

Map of the First level (fully explored):SunlessCitadelmap.jpg

Village of Oakhurst: oakhurstmap.jpg

Surrounds of Oakhurst and the Citadel: oakhurstsurroundsmap.jpg

THe Twilight Grove
What lurks beneath

The party started back in the inn, well rested after their harrowing encounters the evening before. There they met the Doctor’s actual replacement, Prof. Firble Gemscriber, a deep gnome wizard. He introduced himself and showed everyone his trick with his rope of climbing.

Going back into the Sunless Citadel was easy, the kobolds escorted the party to the well leading into the depths of the Twilight Grove. Descending the ropy vines into the dungeon was very easy, this seemed like the goblins means of egress.

At the bottom, they found themselves in a garden of all manner of fungus and stumbled upon a few of the gardeners. Skeletons pushing wheelbarrows and wielding shovels attacked as did some twig blights. The party made short work of them but were surprised when a bugbear hunter and his giant rat pets attacked them while they caught they breath from the previous fight. His initial attack was devastating but after they caught their breath the party was able to defeat the creature and his pets without any issue.

Exploring further they investigated a rift, this rift was so rifty, they only explanation for it was rift. It also had many 2 foot diameter holes throughout. The halflings skirted those with caution, as it was unknowable how deep these holes went.

Further down the rift, did I mention how much of a rift it was, I didn’t did I? It was riftastic. Further down the crevasse, they found three openings, and investigated them. The first was a rough room filled with more of these 2 foot diameter holes, but one had something glowing inside. Saoirse investigated and found a fire snake, which attacked. They quickly learned that hitting the snake with melee weapons was painful and tried to back off and attack it from range. Firble and Shadow learned that their cold spells were especially harmful to it and though it damaged Bree quite badly with its fire, they were able to slay the salamander-kin. They found some gems in its nest.

Exploring further they found an ancient dragon cult shrine behind a stuck door, marking this on their map as a good place to rest. No one had traveled into this room in a very long time and the shrine was rusting away to nothing. Firble was interested in the rusted statue on the shrine but it started to fall apart at the lightest of touches.

They next found Belak’s lab and many goblins protected it. Bree tried to sneak across the lab to where she noticed some sleeping goblins, but she bumped a table and knocked a mortar onto the floor, which smashed alerting all the goblins to their presence. A fight ensued. Shadow put a large group of the goblins to sleep, Mazzikeen slaughtered goblins left and right, reveling in their deaths. The goblins did some damage to the party but were defeated handily. A search of the room found an herbalism kit, a healer’s kit and a alchemist’s tools.

Heading deeper into the dungeon the party stumbled into two more bugbears, armed with scythes. Another bloody battle ensued and after the party decided to take a quick break to lick their wounds. Healed up they continued onwards and investigated all of the rooms off the bugbears main room. They found more goblins, more skeletons, more twig blights, more fire snake holes (but no fire snake – luckily) and a strange dragon shrine.

The marble dragon statue had glowing red eyes and a round tile in front of it with inscriptions in draconic around the outside. As Firble went to investigate, Mazzikeen look at some odd darkness behind the statue – only to be attacked by two shadows. The shadows drained some strength from the burly half-orc, and resisted most damage done to them – however Mazzikeen used his patron’s power to blast the last shadow with Eldritch force and learned that the shadows did not resist that ability. Free to investigate Firble found that the tile, when stood on and the inscription read aloud, gave the reader a charismatic aura.

To cure Mazzikeen of his lethargy, the party rested back in the rusted shrine for the night. They headed into the final area and found the Twilight Grove. Belak had set an ambush for them, goblins and twig blights surprised the party after they searched through Belak’s library. Firble found an interesting book and pocketed it for later study.

The then found Belak, Sharwyn, Sir Braford and the Gulthias Tree. A goblin captive gave them some information about what they faced, somehow Belak had made Sharwyn and Sir Braford thralls of the tree and they would have to face them as well as Belak and his twig blight minions.

The fight was simpler than imagined, they focused their damage on Belak, put many of the twig blights and a damaged Sharwyn to sleep. They were able to apply an elixir of health to Sharwyn and Sir Braford, returning them from the edge of death that the tree had put them in, but who knows if they would ever be the same. They lived, they ate, they breathed but they did not interact with anyone. Sharwyn’s mother was grateful for the return of one of her children and blessed the party with gold and her gratitude.

Garon overheard Saoirse Tealeaf tell her tale of the party’s exploits in the Sunless CItadel and recalled some information about Khundrukar. The Forge of Fury is near Mirabar far to the North, it may be worth looking for it there. Great weapons were said to be forged there.

XP: 681 (please correct if wrong – this is from memory) DT: 10 Renown: 1

Notable Treasure:
Five potions of healing
scroll of scorching ray
scroll of Melf’s acid arrow
Treasures of the Fire Lords (TYP p 29)
scroll of entangle
scroll of protection from poison (used)
Wand of Entangle

Map of the Twilight Grove:


The Forge of Fury
Or - what just happened?

Hired to go into the Forge for various reasons and to kill some orcs and recover the townsfolk’s stolen supplies you went into Durgeddin’s old fortress.

You killed lots of orcs. Lots.

Then things just got strange. You were nearly murdered by a roper. You found a bunch of duergar who were rather pleasant actually (for duergar at least) and you found a succubus. And murde er.. sent her back to her plane.

Then you decided to go down to the Black Lake. What could possibly be down there? Nothing terrible right? Right? WRONG.

A young black dragon, tried to kill you all when you intruded upon its lair. It almost succeeded, if not for some incredible halfling luck it might just have. Instead you sent it running.

Will it be back? Who knows – but you found its treasure and that’s all that matters.

You also learned of an ancient ruin in the jungles of Maztica. Now to find your way there, you have a map of how to get to that area in Maztica – but how to get to Maztica is a different story. (One in which you might level up).

Interlude: The House on the Hill
Perhaps there is some Sinister Secret in Saltmarsh?

The wizard you worked with, and still that name just won’t come to mind, sent you to the small fishing village of Saltmarsh to meet up with a ship captain who can get you to Maztica.

You met the Captain – Jon Redbeard, who’s beard is white and who’s hair is dark – and he said that you’d be setting sail in 3 days. In the meantime, you all noticed a creepy house on the hill and of course you went to investigate.

Akrasia nearly died to a bunch of snakes who came out of the well outside the house – that may have been the first sign that this place had some issues. After resting up and discussing the benefits of cooking snake (and Shadow taking a few dead baby snakes for some reason) you were attacked by some goblins. You handled them pretty easily and captured two goblin brothers, Derf and Fred, who agreed to work for you for 1sp per day.

Their employment didn’t last long. Going into the house you fought a few swarms of bugs and then found some stairs into the basement. Traipsing down them set off a magical trap that sent images of your greatest fears into your mind. Bree and the goblins didn’t take well to this, running away from the house. Bree came back – the goblins didn’t.

You searched through the rest of the first floor and found a spider that had crammed itself in a chimney guarding a shiny ring. Then you noticed the tracks. Following them you found a secret entrance to the basement and blithely stumbled down into a room full of bandits!

Trying not to be cornered you retreated back up the stairs to find yourselves cornered as the bandits came around from the stairs that scared Bree earlier. Battle ensued, bandits died, but two got away – you think.

Searching through their stuff you found some brandy and some various other stuff. Additionally, you found a body full of swarms of scarabs. So many bugs in this place. The body was conveniently wearing magic plate mail however.

Oh, then there was the door marked Danger – who doesn’t open a door marked danger? Not this band of intrepid adventurers! Inside there were shriveled walking corpses full of hate, and apparently a healthy fear of Oghma. Akrasia showed the god’s symbol to them and they tried to run away. This made the wights a pretty easy group of undead to finish off, all told.

So you went back to your ship with the intention of trying to figure out where those last two bandits went. Your ship leaves in two days.

The Beanstalk

A bag of beans, what useless garbage is this? Someone must have thought this as they randomly pulled beans from the bag and started planting them in the ground. First, pink frogs appeared and started hopping around – two of party decided to try to catch them. (Luckily the goblins weren’t around – you might have had an interesting dilemma).

Mazzikeen grabbed onto one and it turned into a Balor. Saorsie grabbed another and it turned into a Purple worm. Somehow you killed them both and found a way to eliminate the other frogs without them changing. Good job. The chaos of those frogs hopping around might have been fun though.

One of the beans turned into a giant beanstalk going up into the clouds. Naturally you climbed it. Interestingly, there were stairs wending their way up the beanstalk – about 10 feet wide. So you climbed. And climbed. And climbed. About halfway up, you noticed a large oak door in the beanstalk, with a large lion’s head knocker in brass. So you knocked.

There you met Boris, the half-ogre caretaker of the beanstalk. He invited you in and you chatted. You learned a lot, mainly that the story of Jack the Giantkiller were twisted and nothing like the stories that Saorsie had repeated to you. Yes, Jack exists. Yes, the talking harp exists. Yes, the golden goose exist..ed? Purportedly, Jack ate it. Oh and Jack is a shit.

The previous ruler of the Cloud Kingdom was a good storm giant king named… Wenceslas. When Jack came up the beanstalk, not by himself mind but with an army, he laid siege to the castle and when he was discussing terms with Wenceslas he slew him and most of the other giants. Some escaped and may be in hiding in the forests to the west of the castle. This was many years ago.

Jack has only grown in power. He rules the Cloud Kingdom and whenever it makes contact with the prime material plane he raids for supplies, money, magic, and recruits. Recruits is a loose term, some of them are slaves, some of them are evil doers convinced to join his cause, and most are monsters he has captured to be used in his assaults and defense, if necessary.

So you have decided to unseat this despot, tyrant, overlord of the Cloud Kingdom. Up the beanstalk you went, being warned that a patrol was probably on its way down. Still up you went, not worried that a mere patrol could stop you.

You may have been a little too cocksure.

You almost died. Everyone. But you didn’t and your vengeance on the remnants of the patrol was swift, furious and a close shave.

So now you’ve defeated a patrol. What else lies in wait for you in the Cloud Kingdom? How can you foment rebellion? What treasures were on the patrol? What treasures more exist above?

Revolution, Man

You made it to the top of the beanstalk and it isn’t entirely what you expected. You entered into a cave with natural steps up into the bright sunshine. A small guardhouse sat at the top of the steps with an Efreet and 4 salamanders. Disguised as the patrol you just slaughtered you bluffed your way past these guards and headed towards the castle you saw in the distance, across the desert, the plains and up into some foothills before some tall mountains.

Crossing the plains, you were beset upon by a blue dragon and at the same time this seemed to have stirred up a nest of giant scorpions. The dragon was a bit of a pain but you figured you could rest before moving onward, unfortunately your rest was disturbed by a stampede of dinosaurs running from a massive plainsfire. You managed to divert the dinosaurs from your camp to see the fire rapidly approaching and fueled by many fire elementals. You ran, making your way to the closest lake.

Feeling safer, Saoirse made a magical tiny hut for you to spend the night in. You rested up for the night and woke in the morning to find the plains a charred ruin. With Akrasia’s magic you walked across the lake toward the village, coming across an interesting sight. 20 merrow surrounded a group of 9 thoroughly, ugly women who were screaming as you approached. Something seemed odd about this and you approached with caution, realizing in time that the women and the merrow were in cahoots. You dispatched them with ease, though you realized after the fact the women were actually sea hags – who have the ability to kill with a glance. Lucky that.

You reached shore to see a large band of ogres and oni leaving the village and heading your way. You prepared for them. As they arrived there seemed to be a break in their ranks, one of the Oni shouting “Revolution” and him and a group of the ogres attacking the other group. Luckily you were able to spot that the rebelling ogres all had yellow armbands on, not to mention their Oni leader held a small purple worm larva in his arms as he fought.

You joined in the fight, Bree (with her fancy new scimitar of speed) cutting a path through the ogres and heading straight to assist the Oni Rebel Leader. Bree fought like a dervish, reminiscent of the stories of the harvesting machines of SIlverymoon – reaping her way through the bodies of the ogres – Fred shadowing her and finishing off any dazed ogres she left in her wake. Shadow managed to convince a large group of the ogres to switch allegiances through his powers of suggestion, though without the yellow armbands some fell to what was now friendly fire. It was a slaughter, your assistance turning the tide of the revolution easily.

The rebel leader introduced himself as Korg and his worm as Miek. He looked to you for suggestions on how to grow their rebellion, advising that heading for the western forest was the best plan, rumors of other rebels point there.


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