Saoirse Tealeaf

Halfling Bard


Saoirse is just under 3 feet tall, slightly built, with a short crop of bright purple hair. She has a story for every occasion, and despite her small stature knows how to command a crowd. She is especially skilled at acting and tumbling, inspiring her allies with bold speeches. Saoirse can hold her own in a battle, as well, being adapt with magic, blades, and bows.


Saoirse literally ran away from home to join the circus as a child. When the traveling show left her sleepy halfling village, she went with them. Her cheerful nature soon endeared her to most of the troupe and she was an eager learner. Saoirse knows how to play several instruments, but prefers storytelling and acting to singing and playing.

After a few years of learning general skills, Jyn, one of the founders of the circus took Saoirse under her wing and taught the small girl how to protect herself and her friends with magic and blades. It turned out that there was more to the traveling show than met the eye.

In every town they stopped in, Saoirse and select other members of the troupe gathered and spread information. They worked quietly behind the scenes to free smallfolk from tyranny and to keep any one person from gaining too much power. She is currently a Watcher in the Harpers.

On her deathbed, Jyn asked Saoirse to leave the circus and set off on her own. “You have grown strong,. You can do more good and travel more quickly working with a small group.” So, the fearless halfling set off into the world to seek adventure and to do what good she can.

Saoirse Tealeaf

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