Mazzikeen of the Blackfang Tribe

1/2 Orc Warlock/Warrior


When Mazzikeen walks into a room people always look his way, there is something about him that is off. As you watch him you realize that he does not carry himself like most half-orcs. He seems more sophisticated and charming somehow. Mazzikeen is of gray orc heritage with blueish/gray skin, long black hair and black eyes. He is 6’3 and 250lbs a big man who takes up a lot of space. The thing about him is his eyes; he has his grandfather’s eyes, a teifling’s eyes. He is quick to smile and show off his fangs, but he is good natured, mostly. Oh and he carries a very large Axe!


The Blackfangs Orcs of the Silver Marches are known for how dangerous their war parties can be. They often have warlocks in their war parties and this is the source of their success, arcane magic. They have a patron who grants the warlocks of that tribe power. The cost of that power is their children. The patron often asks members of The Blackfangs to have the children that she wants, not the children that they want. Mazzikeen is one of those children.

He like his mother is a half-orc, but his grandfather was a Teifling wizard that his grandmother captured in battle. She was told by the Pale-Night that she would have intelligent children by mating with this wizard, and she did. Mazzikeen mother was told to find strong orcs to have children with. Now that Mazzikeen is of age his he hears the voice of the Mother of Demons. She tells him of his short comings and how clumsy he is. He must find a graceful woman to have children with. As he works to fulfill the Pale-Night’s goals he feels her influence and the power that is starting to build in him. The Pact is made, power for children, Mazzikeen Pact of the Blade.

Mazzikeen of the Blackfang Tribe

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