Breanna Cobblebelly

Halfling Fighter


Standing barely 3ft tall, Bree is of average height for a Strongheart. Her long coppery-colored hair is typically wornin a braid which wraps around her head. She is obviously armed and armored and carries herself like she expects trouble to spring up at any moment


Breanna Cobblebelly, of the Scornubel Cobblebellys (formerly the Luiren Cobblebellys), aspired as a child to be come a member of the Elturgard Hellriders, protecting the citizens of Elturgard from all manner of adversity. As she got older, though, she realized that achieving this dream was unlikely at best. The Hellriders were all master horsemen in addition to being skilled fighters. Bree on the other hand, was terrible with a blade and could barely manage to control a pony.

Still, she was a Strongheart, and her need to protect people continued to grow. At the age of 16, she enlisted in the Scornubel city watch and was put to use in their investigatory branch. Her slight stature made people, both legitimate business folks and unsavory types, often mistake her for a child and she used this misconception to her advantage. Adults tend to pay less attention to what they are saying when only children are present to overhear it. She used overhead (but largely irrelevant) information to worm her way into the “good graces” of a few disreputable merchants. She courted their favor by “running errands” off-book and eventually made some inroads into the local thieves guild. The information she gleaned from this undercover work was used by the city watch to close a number of old investigations for which they had no leads.

During this time, she also trained in a few fighting styles, getting practice with both the thieves guild and with other members of the city watch. She found that her size and speed worked to her advantage, especially when fighting with a blade and shield.

Recently, members of the Order of the Gauntlet visited Scornubel, spreading word of the Order’s mission and hoping to attract more followers. In their stories, Bree saw a better way to fulfill her need to help protect people. She resigned her commission with the city watch and left as a Chevall of the Order.

Breanna Cobblebelly

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