Tales From the Yawning Portal

The Forge of Fury

Or - what just happened?

Hired to go into the Forge for various reasons and to kill some orcs and recover the townsfolk’s stolen supplies you went into Durgeddin’s old fortress.

You killed lots of orcs. Lots.

Then things just got strange. You were nearly murdered by a roper. You found a bunch of duergar who were rather pleasant actually (for duergar at least) and you found a succubus. And murde er.. sent her back to her plane.

Then you decided to go down to the Black Lake. What could possibly be down there? Nothing terrible right? Right? WRONG.

A young black dragon, tried to kill you all when you intruded upon its lair. It almost succeeded, if not for some incredible halfling luck it might just have. Instead you sent it running.

Will it be back? Who knows – but you found its treasure and that’s all that matters.

You also learned of an ancient ruin in the jungles of Maztica. Now to find your way there, you have a map of how to get to that area in Maztica – but how to get to Maztica is a different story. (One in which you might level up).


Maztica, Mazzikeen, I like it ! lets GO! sounds like the place for me.

The Forge of Fury
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