Tales From the Yawning Portal

Into The Sunless Citadel

Rats, why did it have to be rats!

After hearing Durnan‘s tale of the Sunless Citadel and the rumors of a missing adventurers in the fortress, you took Durnan’s assistance to get you to Oakhurst to learn more about The Sunless Citadel.

Oakhurst is a small town in the foothills near Thundertree, and only six buildings seemed of interest to the party as you arrived and only two were visited. Ausalati was sure to visit the Village Hall first to check on the permit requirements for practicing law in the environs Oakhurst, finding none Ausalati was pleased. The town clerk pointed out that the owner of the General Store, Kerowyn Hercule was in need of help – the party was happy to look into this.

Kerowyn was distraught, her children went missing when they foolishly went into the citadel. She offered a large sum of money to the party, potions of healing per party member ahead of time and 75 gp per character for the return of her children’s signet rings, double that if the party returned her children in good mind and body. Her children traveled in the company of two others, a paladin – Sir Braford – and a ranger – Karakas. It is known that Sir Braford carried a magic longsword that he referred to as Shatterspike.

Despite the protests of Akrasia the party ignored the wonderful smells of roasting pork coming from the Ol Boar Inn and instead set off immediately for the citadel. They climbed down a convenient rope into the chasm the citadel rests in and were immediately attacked by rats. Bree nearly died in the encounter but otherwise the party made quick work of the vermin.

A narrow rough-hewn stairway wended its way down to the sunken castle to a courtyard covered with debris with a wooden door leading into the fortress. Ausalati went walk across the rocks and a few crumbled underfoot, dumping the ‘human’ into a narrow cavity below. More rats attacked! And more rats died.

Bree was able to find a narrow ledge around the outside of the courtyard that led to the door and first steps were taken into the citadel. The party fought their way through rats and skeletons and found a mysterious door carved like a dragon which seemed to only open with a special key. Venturing further into the place they eventually found a weeping kobold who called himself Meepo.

Meepo explained that his clan’s dragon, Calcryx, had been stolen by goblins! He could not provide any more information but was sure that his leader, Yusdrayl would be able to give more information.

Meepo led the party to the leader of the kobolds, an older female kobold named Yusdrayl. She informed the party that yes their dragon had been stolen and that she didn’t know why, but she could show the party the best way to go. Meepo would guide them. She also had mentioned that the adventurers that they party were in search of had been here one month ago.

Ausalati was able to convince Yusdrayl to give over the key to enter the dragon door that they had previously been unable to open. After taking a rest the party headed for that door. Behind the door they found a sealed off crypt with a simple riddle and a quasit that tried to kill them in a room containing a sarcophagus. Ausalati open the sarcophagus releasing an emaciated troll into the room.

The troll tried to kill the wizard, but was unsuccessful before succumbing to the spells and weapons that destroyed it. Buried with some treasure the party took it for themselves.

Meepo escorted the group to the backway into goblin territory but wandered off for a bit while the party fiddled with a bunch more rats. In a room with many rats and one very large rat they found the corpse of Karakas – one of the adventurers was found – dead!

The party bedded down for the night in the Inn to come back to the Citadel after some needed rest.

XP 313 DT 10 Renown 1

Notable Treasure:
3 arrows +1
4 scrolls
1 potion of healing

Current Map of Progress through the Sunless Citadel:


You can find this map in the Maps section of this page.


Bree – Man, for someone who’s got to be relatively smart (in order to be a lawyer, I presume one needs to be relatively smart), Ausalati obviously does not think things through. First, I am pretty sure he’s not human. I am not sure what that makes him, but human ain’t it. His eyes were all wrong… and from the comments, he can see in the dark like elves and dwarves. So why pretend?
Second, for the love of Arvoreen, when people are making a plan to address the monstrous rats we KNOW are down the hallway, WHY just walk past and put yourself out as lunch?

Into The Sunless Citadel

Forgot to note this before last night’s game but Bree gains inspiration for her observations above.

Into The Sunless Citadel
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