Tales From the Yawning Portal

Goblins, Goblins Everywhere

And not a drop to drink.. what?

The party went back to Oakhurst and rested in the Ol’ Boar Inn for the evening. In the morning they found that Ausatali was gone and a note was left with Garon, the Innkeeper. The note spoke of a replacement and there was only one other stranger in the bar, an odd bird-person, kenku named POW. Pow joined the party and after asking Garon some questions they went back into the Sunless Citadel.

Garon did provide some information that is worth noting. The name Belak rang a bell with him. He remembered something like 15 years ago the last person before Talgen and Sharwyn went into the Citadel there was a human with a very large pet frog who was seen going in, but never coming out of the crevasse. Interestingly, soon after that the goblins started providing the apples to Oakhurst about which the summer festival was created. He also told of a winter apple that occasionally was found. Opposite to the summer apple this apple was deadly, even to the touch.

Coincidentally to the apples appearing so did blights start appearing in the hills around the Citadel, mostly at night. The evil stick men attacked and killed anything wandering the hills near the chasm after dark, the villagers quickly learned to stay away.

Picking up where they left off the party found Meepo waiting for them and he led them back into the goblin lair. The goblins were found quickly and they fought the party with a retreating action, obviously trying to get help. Bree led the way, taking many arrows for the party but set the goblins running as she advanced. The party pursued goblins through many rooms, eventually coming to a room filled with goblins. Most were invalids, but a pitched battle ensued against the remainder of the battle hardened goblins. The party were victorious, ensuring no goblins escaped – even the young and the infirm. Meepo led the party back to the kobold lair so they could rest up after their ideal and search for Calcryx the next day.

Calcryx was the first creature they found the next day and he wasn’t enthused about seeing Meepo, in fact he killed him immediately. The party, enraged at the death of their little buddy, slew the wyrmling without any reprisal from it. They made sure to disguise the dragon to look like goblins killed it and continued on exploring the goblin lair, trying to find the missing townsfolk.

They also found some prisoners, a few kobolds and a gnome acolyte named Erky Timbers who offered to join the party and provide some healing services for them. He provided more insight as to what was going on in the Sunless Citadel. Particularly he spoke of something called the Gulthias Tree.

In their explorations they were waylaid by the last of the goblin tribe, their chieftain a Hobgoblin who introduced himself as Durrn before he attacked. Four hobgoblins, a goblin shaman, and a twig blight set to kill characters. It was a tough fight, but clever use of spells simplified it. Shadow slept the goblin and the blight, Saoirse cursed the hobgoblins with a bane spell, and Akrasia blessed the front line fighters. Mazzikeen was hit many times by the hobgoblins and even with his orcish blood, he was knocked unconscious. The party won the day, but it was a hard fought victory. They found on the chieftain Talgen’s signet ring and bloodied armor, and later questioned some fleeing goblins to find out that Durrn slew Talgen in anger before sending Sharwyn and Sir Braford down to the Twilight Grove at Belak’s orders.

They reported the death of Meepo and Calcryx to Yusdrayl the kobold chieftess and though she was sad at the dragon’s death, she believed the party’s story that Mazzikeen and Saorsie embellished for her. She gifted the party with some treasures. The top level was cleared of the goblin threat and the party cleared one last room, the one that was locked by some clerical magic. Inside was an altar and five sarcophagi. On the altar was a whistle, a flask and an everburning candle. Mazzikeen investigated and found nothing worrisome, until Akrasia picked up the whistle with the name Night Caller incribed upon it in Dwarven. Skeletons attacked and then were put to rest pretty easily.

The party rested for the day, intended to set out into the depths of the Twilight Grove the next day.

XP 405 10 DT 1 Renown

Notable Treasures:

Quaal’s Feather Token (Tree)
Elixir of Health (3 doses)
scroll of mage armor
scroll of spider climb
scroll of knock
potion of fire resistance
Night Caller
potion of healing
two vials of antitoxin
scroll of faerie fire
scroll of expeditious retreat
Talgen’s gold signet ring
Talgen’s splint armor (has the Hecrule family crest on it)

Map of the First level (fully explored):SunlessCitadelmap.jpg

Village of Oakhurst: oakhurstmap.jpg

Surrounds of Oakhurst and the Citadel: oakhurstsurroundsmap.jpg


Bree – So, I appear to have acquired a follower by the name of POW. It still boggles my mind a bit that Ausatali and this kenku know each other but I suppose stranger things have happened! I’ve never really spoken with a kenku before. They are creatures of few words (that I can understand anyway) but man, their ability to mimic is incredible. I might want to actually tell POW what I said when I was taunting the goblins at some point though.

Goblins, Goblins Everywhere

while sitting playing with his rat. looks up toward Bree..
looks around
lower his vision once again

Goblins, Goblins Everywhere
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