Tales From the Yawning Portal

A Note Left with the Innkeeper

From the Desk of Dr. Ausatali Shalkasali, esq.

To my co-adventuring compatriots,

Please forgive the hastily ssscribbled note, but I’ve received word of an urgent legal matter that requires my immediate attention in Waterdeep and I must leave post-haste. I sssuppose it is good that we never got around to signing those formal adventuring party documents I kept ssssuggesting, it would have been quite bothersome for me to have to wake you all in the middle of the night for an adventuring company board meeting authorizing my leave-of-absence of undetermined (and likely permanent) length.

In any case, sssince I will no longer be around to watch your backs, I’ve sent word to a close colleague of mine from the university, Professor of Archaeology and Ancient Netherese History Firble Gemscriber. I may have said sssomething about the Sunless Citadel being a potential Netherese dig site to convince him to make the journey from Neverwinter as quickly as possible. You might not want to disabuse him of that notion until after he’s signed the suggested adventuring contract I’ve drawn up for your group pro-bono.

Prof. Gemscriber doesn’t have my legal expertise, but he has a sharp mind and and a true passion for the history of Ancient Netheril. He also has quite a talent for abjuration magic, which might come in handy if you end up going somewhere dangerous. Just don’t let Old Gems talk you into becoming a part of the cult he joined a few years ago, the Shade Fantastics or whatever they’re called.

Also, I overheard some rumors in the tavern of an extremely bothersome attorney of questionable morals having arrived Oakhurst not a day or two past. He is just under 6 feet tall, has strange snake-like eyes and tends to ssstring S’s together when he sssspeaks. I’m rather surprised we didn’t encounter him when we stopped by the town hall. In any case you should be wary in case you come across someone that fits that description. Unfortunately, not all members of my profession are as kind-hearted and guileless as myself.

incomprehensible scribble


txdadu KenB

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