The Yawning Portal

You sit among the patrons of the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Many come here to learn of the mysteries of Undermountain and maybe explore them themselves (and probably die in the pursuit.) Others come for a drink. You have come to hear the tales spun by the proprietor of the Yawning Portal, Durnan. 

Durnan looks you over and sees the eagerness for a tale in your eyes, "Aye, you want to hear of a tale? How about that of the Sunless Citadel? It matches that of one of all of your youth and inexperience. Hah!"

He sets himself down on a stool in front of the fire and motions you to sit in front of him, your backs to the gaping well that leads to Undermountain. He smiles at your nervousness, "Don't worry, scooch close – scooch! I won't push you into the well, if you behave child." He winks at the youngest of you.

"The Sunless Citadel, where to begin? Ah yes, at the beginning! Ages long past a once-proud fortress fell into the earth. Evil took root at the citadel's core, deep within a subterranean garden of blighted foliage. What else grows there only those who have ventured within can know. 

Nearby the town of Oakhurst benefits from some gift from the foliage of that deep fortress. A gift of a single, perfect, ruby-red apple is given to Oakhurst at the summer solstice and a festival surrounds this gift. The fruit is consumed granting vigor, health and life.

Recently, it has been rumored a party of four intrepid adventurers went into the Citadel and have not been heard from again. Their family in Oakhurst looks for brave heroes to find their children and their friends and return with news of what happened to them."

He looks to each of your, solemnly, "Will you travel to the Citadel to rescue these foolhardy adventurers and travel to seek your glory and have your names whispered from my lips should you live or die?"

Seeing you agree he smiles and stands, "A drink for each of you, my treat, tell me your pleasure and then I will see you safely to Oakhurst! Hazzah!"


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Tales From the Yawning Portal

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